November 29, 2008

My Etsy is open

On the 23th of this month, I have opened my little shop on Etsy. I constantly keep uploading my work, so if you feel like it, come and take a look around!
Unfortunately at the moment I have no idea how to link my Etsy shop on my right sidebar like others, but as soon as I found out I will make it. I think the header of my shop should be familiar for you.

And here is a group picture of the Cozy Brown Family:

Just after the opening I had a very pleasant surprise: on the second day my shop went online an artist from New Mexico, Frank, checked it as one of his favourites. As the newbies, I was just playing around with my new shop page, checking out all the functions: what happens if I click this or that. And suddenly there it was: someone liked my shop! It felt great! Here is a picture made by Frank:

1 comment:

snowflake said...

It must be a great feeling to find out that other people like your work as well. I´m pretty sure with time a lot more will "heart" you.