October 17, 2011

Autumn Leaves Table Runner

When I quilted this table runner I used my own design for the big leaves in the middle and the smaller ones and tendrils on the side. On the back side of the runner the quilting is clearly visible.

I just checked it, I was already making the binding on the 21st of September and I was planning to finish this autumn quilt on the next day. And still, I can only show the finished table runner now, when every good quilter has been long working on the winter quilts already.

By the time I was finished with it (a couple of days later of course) the sun went into hiding for some time and it only came out yesterday. I started to take pictures instantly and all the while I had to acknowledge that much like the weak counterpart, the very strong sunlight is also not very advantageous. Hobby photographers have a hard life!

I’d like to upload it tonight on Etsy, maybe someone would still like to decorate their home this autumn!

And you won’t believe it but I’m making the bindings for the matching mug rugs. Maybe I’ll finish it in the next couple of days, but who knows?

October 8, 2011

We Are

I wrote a long post for this treasury, but then I deleted it without any worries, as these wonderful women talk to us anyway, no need for my essay.

Clicking on this small picture will direct you onto my treasury on Etsy:

October 5, 2011

I’m Thinking In A Blazing Knife

Search engines are gonna love this title!

Actually on the encouragement of my teammates I started to work on finding a packaging method for my fabric boxes that protects them on the long road – even if they are headed overseas.

For this I would need to cut expanded polystyrene foam sheets in a way that the small white beads don’t flood our home. We had several ideas so far as we’ve been thinking about this with my husband for days, and now I’m starting go get a little angry at these sheets.

So that is why I’m back and forth, thinking in blazing knives.

September 26, 2011

Fried Egg :)

Can you see my Sunday breakfast? :)

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And what did you guys eat for breakfast on Sunday?

September 21, 2011

Autumn, Autumn

It seems Autumn is getting closer, soon I’ll be switching up my blog’s clothes as well, as I’ve already arranged the first page of my shop into its colors. All my current quilts are fit to Autumn in their colors as well.

This is the table runner I’m working on right now. You can see the backside, but if I do things right and finish by tomorrow then I will take a picture of the top as well. In the meanwhile I’d like to highlight the quilting that I designed. :)

I cut out the pieces of the matching mug-rugs today and I would like to sew those tomorrow as well.

Busy Wednesday.

September 16, 2011

Something Old And Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Blue

I like this saying a lot! When we got married back in 1987, I didn’t know it but I did in fact wear something old, something new and also – as a coincidence – I wore a beautiful pair turquoise earrings. Alas, I can’t remember anything that was borrowed. :)

Anyway, when my close relatives ordered a photo album from me for a wedding (of one of my distant relatives), I knew it right away that it will have the colors of white and blue. This fantastic fabric with blue roses popped into my mind and this huge album had enough surface to let the roses to prevail on it.

During the work I took good use of the embroidery program of my sewing machine as well as the advices of my favorite neighbor! :)

Both my clients and the newly weds liked the result a lot, which made me very happy as well!

Since I was giving so much thought on weddings I took a look around on Etsy and created a treasury in this topic as well. I found such fantastic items that its worthwhile to take a closer look at some of them. You’ve already seen the wedding dress at the beginning of the post but now I highlighted two more pictures. Oh, and since we need something borrowed I gave this treasury something from my own shop. Can you find it?

Clicking on this small picture will direct you onto my treasury on Etsy:

May 24, 2011

Monday Moodboard – Photos In Green

Do you remember how often we craved in March for the warm air and the feel of sunshine?
Well we got it now, at least here in Hungary we did. The sun is shining so hard, the lights are so sharp that I spent the whole last week trying to take pictures of my new stuff but every single shot I grab of them give back catastrophic results. Truth be said, the colors of the nature are sharper, the green is greener so that is also part of the reason why I got into such a greeny mood.

The creators are all members of the European Street Team on Etsy:

Finally I had success with the photographing today: the sky got filled with cloud (indeed it seemed that there would be a storm) and even though they were gone by nighttime I could take some pretty good pictures. They finally give back the original colors of my new camera case that was made from one of my favorite fabric.

This beautiful Blue Hydrangea fabric was the summer tablecloth of my Grandma. As I was sewing this camera case (and previously a fabric cover for a notebook) I was constantly reminded of the wonderful summer family mealtimes. Maybe that is the point of vintage and recycling: to save and share.

I took a picture of the notebook together with the new camera case, I think they are looking great together.

Here are my "photomodels" – waiting patiently.

I took a picture of our strawberry field as well which also looks sparkling green (as we ate all the red strawberries yesterday).

And finally some buttons for my Green Monday Moodboard:

May 20, 2011

The Magic of Colors

Back in the day of high school we learned a lot about colors and their connections. Johannes Itten wrote some fantastic books in this topic as well. He made the Color Star, a beautiful tool to study complementary colors and the color tones. Us quilters can use this as well when we design our quilts.

I have one of his books as well: “The Art of Color”.

In this book he studied the interaction of colors, how they change when they are placed next to each other. Even by looking at its cover we can see right away what Itten meant by this.

His book reminded me when I saw today the treasury that was made by Diohej. She sorted in my “Bias Tape and Buttons Combo” as well:

Into this beautiful treasury:

Click on this little picture to reach her beautiful Treasury!

I think its wonderful that Diohej saw the pink inside and placed this (a bit chilly) picture among the warm pink ones – I like the way its colors changed in this context and how it actually became warmer toned as well!

I believe its worth to put aside our good old and proven fabric combinations to check out certain fabrics in some unexpected surrounding, so we might find something new, exciting and beautiful!

As a bonus, here is a treasury that I made:

Look at those fantastic picture frames! And all of these items! I love them.
Click on this little picture to reach my Treasury!

April 23, 2011

My Fabric Boxes

I saw the first fabric box in a Fathers Day collection inside a quilting magazine from the 80’s that I bought in a Thrift Store. It was really funny as on the top cover they sewed a half-length portrait of a man in a suit and tie in a way that you could open the box with his tie.

Years later, after reading through a Hungarian tutorial collection I finally understood how to make it. Of course I had to do some trial and error myself while I was making them, but by now I’ve made quite a lot already.

I keep my jewelry in a box like these (its soft fabric inside protects even the amethyst earrings and pearls from abrasion), my husband’s mother keeps her medicine in another one near her bed and a friend of mine keeps her sewing kit in it. Probably there are many other ways to use them as I’ve sold quite a lot of them on various fairs, I even had some returning costumers who wanted to buy some more as gifts to their friends and family.

These boxes were just sold, a girl graduating from her high school will give them to their teachers.

I don’t want to risk them on the hands of the post offices, so I only sell them personally and use them on Etsy only as the picture of the Reserved Listing items. Like a small treasury box.

April 6, 2011

The Three Graces

These notebooks are small, their sizes are only 6 1/4” x 4 3/8” (15,8 cm x 11,2 cm).

Any one of them is perfect to take it with you in your bag and write down all of your ideas and daily tasks or even recipes instantly as you get them. I always carry one with me for this purpose, but I also have one near the bed, as I often get my best ideas right after I wake up, so I can quickly note them down.

The thin batting makes the journal soft and pleasant to hold. The journal cover is separate from the notebook so once you have filled the pages you can replace the journal with a new one while keeping the cover.

I believe these notebook covers are looking neat on their own (I really like these fabrics with roses), but there is something more when you look at them together.

Just like the Three Graces.

March 22, 2011

Euro Week on Etsy

The Euro Week started on Etsy today, which is a great opportunity for Europe to really show itself in this international community.

There are many treasuries in the making that contain only European items and several European shops started to offer discounts in the form of free shipping or percent discounts on their items.

I am among the latter: you may find all of my items with 10% discount this week, you only have to enter the discount coupon code at the end of the purchase!

Like this notebook:

Or this camera case:

Let’s celebrate the Euro Week (from March 21 through March 27) together on Etsy!

March 17, 2011

My Spring Mix

In my newest treasury I suggested gardening for everyone who can finally feel the warmth of spring time after the long and cold winter. I’m sure most people appreciated the idea (and the items I sorted in were all pretty amazing), as my treasury got the third place on the hot list and it stayed there for quite some time as well (more than a thousand people has seen it)!

Click on this little picture to reach my newest Treasury!

And these are blossoming in our own garden. It’s wonderful that only a few days worth of sunlight was enough for them to come out and start blossoming!

The third part of my mix is a fashion show, the 2011 spring/summer collection of the French designer Alexis Mabille, which opened this season’s Paris Haute Couture week. It was only an accident that I saw this as I didn’t know about the designer before, but these clothes really amazed me, they are simply wonderful! Simple And Beautiful.

If you have bit of time than turn YouTube into HD mode and check it out in full screen, it’s worth the trouble and time!

March 3, 2011

New Treasuries On Etsy - Flowers and Trees

By me:

Trees... Waiting for the Spring
Spring Brings the Fragrance of Flowers
With me:

February 24, 2011

Blocks for Charity – Status Report

Today “The Blocks for Charity – The Lantern Project” appeal appeared on the Quilting Gallery website (Thank you very much Michele!), so it’s just about time that I write a post about what’s been happening since the beginning of the project in autumn.

First things first, the wonderful blocks are continuously arriving:

The project has started, in which the children are trying out several creative handicraft techniques at the moment (with quilting techniques to follow). There are 15 children from the foster cares in the project (6 boys and 9 girls). This Saturday was the first occasion. Each child made their own treasury chest, which they will use to collect their artwork for next three months. They also made their own badges and several other items made from beads.

The team had huge pizzas for lunch at noon. They left some for the project leaders (and teachers) as well.

You may read about this in Hungarian at Melinda’s site, and you may find a nice picture there as well. :) http://textilfantasy.blogspot.com/2011/02/lampas.html

Once again, they are continuously awaiting for blocks, as you may see in the appeal that appeared on the Quilting Gallery website as well:
They are expecting 10 x 10 inch (25 x 25 cm) (+ seam allowance around it) blocks, with any kind of pattern. There is no restriction at all. They only asked one thing: if possible, use the color yellow in the blocks (as that color represents sunniness, cheerfulness and optimism). The creators should write their name on the back of the block (or attach a small piece of paper to your work with a pin), so they will know who the finished quilts can be thanked for.

The Blocks for Charity – The Lantern Project previously at Melinda’s (in Hungarian)

February 21, 2011

Four Seasons Trees – Finished!

I’ve finished this huge wall hanging, Four Seasons Trees! I am so happy now!
There is a picture of it in our terrace:

And there is another photo taken after the Four Seasons Trees was hung on the wall made by the owner who is also very happy.

Older posts about the process of creation:

http://patchworkmill.blogspot.com/search/label/wall hanging

Now I’m working on quite small projects which I’m able to quilt without the need of my lovely husband holding them next to the sewing machine (the book expansion was not enough when I had to do the final large quilting).