September 16, 2011

Something Old And Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Blue

I like this saying a lot! When we got married back in 1987, I didn’t know it but I did in fact wear something old, something new and also – as a coincidence – I wore a beautiful pair turquoise earrings. Alas, I can’t remember anything that was borrowed. :)

Anyway, when my close relatives ordered a photo album from me for a wedding (of one of my distant relatives), I knew it right away that it will have the colors of white and blue. This fantastic fabric with blue roses popped into my mind and this huge album had enough surface to let the roses to prevail on it.

During the work I took good use of the embroidery program of my sewing machine as well as the advices of my favorite neighbor! :)

Both my clients and the newly weds liked the result a lot, which made me very happy as well!

Since I was giving so much thought on weddings I took a look around on Etsy and created a treasury in this topic as well. I found such fantastic items that its worthwhile to take a closer look at some of them. You’ve already seen the wedding dress at the beginning of the post but now I highlighted two more pictures. Oh, and since we need something borrowed I gave this treasury something from my own shop. Can you find it?

Clicking on this small picture will direct you onto my treasury on Etsy:


Vintage Precious said...

Thank you so much for including me here with such lovely finds! :)

Messzenéző Minyon said...

Először csak néztem a címet: ki ment férjhez? Aztán rájöttem :))
Erre nem is gondoltam, hogy ezért kék. És azt sem tudom, hogy viselte-e a menyasszony ezeket a dolgokat, majd alkalomadtán megkérdezem. De az igaz: ezzel a "valami új" és a "valami kék" is ki van pipálva!