December 10, 2012

Blue Ice - Monday Moodboard

Yes, it is really cold here!

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Have an awesome Monday!

December 3, 2012

Thank You For The Music! - Monday Moodboard

You must be familiar with the feeling when a song sets the mood for your whole day. This is what happened to me yesterday with the ABBA hit that still has its effects on me today. This is probably because it has reminded me of a certain nice summer night.

I watched the movie Mamma Mia on DVD back then, but so many people praised it beforehand that the expected buzz was somehow missing. Then on this summer night it was showed in the movie theater of a local small town (11pm!) and we went to see it. And on this summer night in the crowded theatre, laughing and crooning together with the other viewers and my husband next to me the magic somehow worked.

“Thank You For The Music” was the last song in the movie showing as the credits rolled and almost everyone left already but we stayed until the very end and then had a great walk in the still pretty warm night. This is a nice memory and a really good Mood to start the week with.

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Have a nice week!

Edit: Brenda mentioned that she will find and listen this song. So here it is: