May 24, 2011

Monday Moodboard – Photos In Green

Do you remember how often we craved in March for the warm air and the feel of sunshine?
Well we got it now, at least here in Hungary we did. The sun is shining so hard, the lights are so sharp that I spent the whole last week trying to take pictures of my new stuff but every single shot I grab of them give back catastrophic results. Truth be said, the colors of the nature are sharper, the green is greener so that is also part of the reason why I got into such a greeny mood.

The creators are all members of the European Street Team on Etsy:

Finally I had success with the photographing today: the sky got filled with cloud (indeed it seemed that there would be a storm) and even though they were gone by nighttime I could take some pretty good pictures. They finally give back the original colors of my new camera case that was made from one of my favorite fabric.

This beautiful Blue Hydrangea fabric was the summer tablecloth of my Grandma. As I was sewing this camera case (and previously a fabric cover for a notebook) I was constantly reminded of the wonderful summer family mealtimes. Maybe that is the point of vintage and recycling: to save and share.

I took a picture of the notebook together with the new camera case, I think they are looking great together.

Here are my "photomodels" – waiting patiently.

I took a picture of our strawberry field as well which also looks sparkling green (as we ate all the red strawberries yesterday).

And finally some buttons for my Green Monday Moodboard:

May 20, 2011

The Magic of Colors

Back in the day of high school we learned a lot about colors and their connections. Johannes Itten wrote some fantastic books in this topic as well. He made the Color Star, a beautiful tool to study complementary colors and the color tones. Us quilters can use this as well when we design our quilts.

I have one of his books as well: “The Art of Color”.

In this book he studied the interaction of colors, how they change when they are placed next to each other. Even by looking at its cover we can see right away what Itten meant by this.

His book reminded me when I saw today the treasury that was made by Diohej. She sorted in my “Bias Tape and Buttons Combo” as well:

Into this beautiful treasury:

Click on this little picture to reach her beautiful Treasury!

I think its wonderful that Diohej saw the pink inside and placed this (a bit chilly) picture among the warm pink ones – I like the way its colors changed in this context and how it actually became warmer toned as well!

I believe its worth to put aside our good old and proven fabric combinations to check out certain fabrics in some unexpected surrounding, so we might find something new, exciting and beautiful!

As a bonus, here is a treasury that I made:

Look at those fantastic picture frames! And all of these items! I love them.
Click on this little picture to reach my Treasury!