November 26, 2010

Work In Progress 1.

I am working on a really big wall hanging, it is for one of my distant relative. To be exact: I make it for the cousin of the husband of the sister of my dad.
Here are the fabrics that I’m using. They are sorted into four groups for a reason.

I wonder if you guys can figure out what the wall hanging is about, just by looking at these...

November 21, 2010

Creative Work in Summer – With Relatives

My nieces were spending some time with us in the summer, and while we visited the Zoo, the Hungarian Natural History Museum and went to see some movies, we also took some time for creative work.

The girls draw a lot and painted T-shirts as well. They could wear those T-shirts on the last day that they spent with us. They were both thorough: they planed the paintings, by drawing them on paper first, and only painting afterwards, using textile dyes so they could wear their creation later.

Zsóka was the first to paint, her T-shirt was going really well up until one drop of orange dye created a small orange dot on the edge of the picture. She didn’t start to worry, instead she had a nice idea, painting small orange dots all around the T-shirt, creating a neat background for her butterfly. Smart, huh?!

Maja liked the idea of dots so much, that she created fully consciously a similar background for her T-shirt, by placing small green dots all around the princess and the prince.

Zsóka got into a large project one afternoon: she tried the fabric weaving. She was very skillful, as you may see on this picture as well she was doing everything on her own after I showed her how to do it.

In the night I sewed with the “button for the coat”: I finished the small handbag, that had Zsóka’s creation as its main attraction. This bag was with us all the time afterwards, it was perfect to carry some tissue papers and – just in case – some cookies.

The Handbag was on the Heroes’ Square (in Budapest, Hungary):

and in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, where we visited an exhibition about insects (the girls found it very interesting).

We gave several board games a try.

The bee looked very real, only it was a bit bigger than the usual. At least this way we could have a closer look and thoroughly examine it.

We spent the last day in the Tropicarium, here the girls were wearing the T-shirts that they made.

The quality of these pictures are not that great, which is because we had to turn the flash off (to not disturb the animals there).

We spent one evening at Granny, where we had a delicious meal. The shoes had some time to rest as well. The smaller is Zsóka’s, the bigger is my sons.