October 15, 2014

Lovely Autumn

I created these quilted fabric coasters with these cute pumpkins for these beautiful autumn days.

My RDTT team on Etsy started a lovely new blog and I am so glad that my Pumpkin Coasters are featured! You can see some other beautiful autumn items there:

And some autumn items from my shop:

Have a lovely autumn days!

June 12, 2014

Quilted Pencil Case Rollin Rollin - Work In Progress

The end of the school year is coming. In the class of my niece the parents decided to give quilted pencil cases as presents to the teachers and they asked me to make them. I started to collect together fabrics in a way that they, while not looking all the same, belong to the same family. These rose covered fabrics were purchased back in Italy and they look beautiful together.

 As today is a Work In Progress Wednesday, I will step back in time for a bit and show you this afternoon’s WIP pencil cases! Here the cases are already finished up and I just have to make the room for the pencils. 

Waiting to fill up:

 I loaded the pencils, so if I roll up the case I can decide where to sew the button to close it up:

 They are finished!

I posted them this evening and I hope that not only will they get to there in time but the teachers will like them as well!

More Work In Progress are here:

And here is a special, really lovely post from my Quiltsy team on Etsy about 2 team quilts. I've also sent two 4 patch blocks to Patricia and after this long travel I could find one of them on the 2nd quilt! :) Thank you so much for your beautiful work!

May 29, 2014

Fabric Coasters - Work In Progress


(First thing first: I am afraid that blogspot has a problem with the greens, because I have no idea how my lovely pastel greens became these wild wild greens on these photos. Sorry!)

These Shabby Chic coasters are almost finished, I've already sewed the green binding for it. The binding that is folded back is being held by the pins while I sew it down with my sewing machine on the front side "in the ditch".

Previously I always did the last sewing on the back by hand, but with lot of practice I finally learned how to do it with my sewing machine. I really loved to sew these last closing stitches with my hands in a comfortable armchair in front of the television, but I do have to admit that this way is a lot faster and thanks to all the practice by now it looks just as good.

More Work In Progress are here:

May 24, 2014

Fabric Journal Reloaded

I am working on a couple of new fabric journals as even though I know that modern tools are very helpful, but I trust that there are others in the world like me, who actually like to note down their thoughts into a notebook, to scribble down a good receipt quickly or to happen to design their very next crafting project.

I will get a few pictures of the new ones as they get finished, but in the meanwhile here is two of my fabric journals which I have taken some new pictures of. My lovely Canon 40D camera is still quite new for me and I still have to learn a lot but I already love the pictures that I am able to take with it very much.

One of them is this beige-vanilla journal with the rosebuds and lace, really womanlike piece, even a bride could take quick notes of her wedding ideas in it.

I know Christmas is still pretty far off, but to look at a Poinsettia is always very pleasant, and I especially liked this Scottish tartan fabric alongside it. :)