May 24, 2014

Fabric Journal Reloaded

I am working on a couple of new fabric journals as even though I know that modern tools are very helpful, but I trust that there are others in the world like me, who actually like to note down their thoughts into a notebook, to scribble down a good receipt quickly or to happen to design their very next crafting project.

I will get a few pictures of the new ones as they get finished, but in the meanwhile here is two of my fabric journals which I have taken some new pictures of. My lovely Canon 40D camera is still quite new for me and I still have to learn a lot but I already love the pictures that I am able to take with it very much.

One of them is this beige-vanilla journal with the rosebuds and lace, really womanlike piece, even a bride could take quick notes of her wedding ideas in it.

I know Christmas is still pretty far off, but to look at a Poinsettia is always very pleasant, and I especially liked this Scottish tartan fabric alongside it. :)

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