April 23, 2011

My Fabric Boxes

I saw the first fabric box in a Fathers Day collection inside a quilting magazine from the 80’s that I bought in a Thrift Store. It was really funny as on the top cover they sewed a half-length portrait of a man in a suit and tie in a way that you could open the box with his tie.

Years later, after reading through a Hungarian tutorial collection I finally understood how to make it. Of course I had to do some trial and error myself while I was making them, but by now I’ve made quite a lot already.

I keep my jewelry in a box like these (its soft fabric inside protects even the amethyst earrings and pearls from abrasion), my husband’s mother keeps her medicine in another one near her bed and a friend of mine keeps her sewing kit in it. Probably there are many other ways to use them as I’ve sold quite a lot of them on various fairs, I even had some returning costumers who wanted to buy some more as gifts to their friends and family.

These boxes were just sold, a girl graduating from her high school will give them to their teachers.

I don’t want to risk them on the hands of the post offices, so I only sell them personally and use them on Etsy only as the picture of the Reserved Listing items. Like a small treasury box.

April 6, 2011

The Three Graces

These notebooks are small, their sizes are only 6 1/4” x 4 3/8” (15,8 cm x 11,2 cm).

Any one of them is perfect to take it with you in your bag and write down all of your ideas and daily tasks or even recipes instantly as you get them. I always carry one with me for this purpose, but I also have one near the bed, as I often get my best ideas right after I wake up, so I can quickly note them down.

The thin batting makes the journal soft and pleasant to hold. The journal cover is separate from the notebook so once you have filled the pages you can replace the journal with a new one while keeping the cover.

I believe these notebook covers are looking neat on their own (I really like these fabrics with roses), but there is something more when you look at them together.

Just like the Three Graces.