February 24, 2011

Blocks for Charity – Status Report

Today “The Blocks for Charity – The Lantern Project” appeal appeared on the Quilting Gallery website (Thank you very much Michele!), so it’s just about time that I write a post about what’s been happening since the beginning of the project in autumn.

First things first, the wonderful blocks are continuously arriving:

The project has started, in which the children are trying out several creative handicraft techniques at the moment (with quilting techniques to follow). There are 15 children from the foster cares in the project (6 boys and 9 girls). This Saturday was the first occasion. Each child made their own treasury chest, which they will use to collect their artwork for next three months. They also made their own badges and several other items made from beads.

The team had huge pizzas for lunch at noon. They left some for the project leaders (and teachers) as well.

You may read about this in Hungarian at Melinda’s site, and you may find a nice picture there as well. :) http://textilfantasy.blogspot.com/2011/02/lampas.html

Once again, they are continuously awaiting for blocks, as you may see in the appeal that appeared on the Quilting Gallery website as well:
They are expecting 10 x 10 inch (25 x 25 cm) (+ seam allowance around it) blocks, with any kind of pattern. There is no restriction at all. They only asked one thing: if possible, use the color yellow in the blocks (as that color represents sunniness, cheerfulness and optimism). The creators should write their name on the back of the block (or attach a small piece of paper to your work with a pin), so they will know who the finished quilts can be thanked for.

The Blocks for Charity – The Lantern Project previously at Melinda’s (in Hungarian)

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