February 1, 2011

Four Seasons Trees – Work in Progress 3.

The following picture shows a great comeback to all who told me that I collected too many home decorating and gardening books in the past years. It really shows now that they can be quite useful in numerous situation! I expanded the sewing surface with them (and the ironing board), making it easier to move the larger sized “trees” during quilting.

This wall hanging was pinned with straight quilting pins, as even though my curved safety pins are less dangerous they leave too big holes afterwards. I was afraid that they would leave their marks on the light area around the trees. As a result I stung myself quite a few times during work. Nothing is perfect.

I was planning flowers and fruits under the trees but as I’ve done very little free motion quilting so far, I was afraid to just “draw” with my hands all loose. Instead I used a very thin paper to draw the pattern for myself that I could use later for the free motion quilting. Of course it was not easy to rip off all the small pieces of paper afterwards (I had to use a brow clip also ), but looking at the result I believe it was worth the trouble.


Forgács Fanni said...

Nagyon kíváncsi vagyok, hogy milyen ez a papíros megoldás. Kéretik megosztani velem :-). Amúgy ne panaszkodj, nagyon szép!!! Tudom, úgy szebb lenne, ha már a helyén lenne :-))))

Patchwork Mill, Maria said...


A papíros megoldás csak annyi, hogy a selyempapíron keresztül varrom át a mintát, és aztán persze le kell tépkedni róla. :)

Egyébként nem érzem, hogy panaszkodtam volna (legalábbis nem szándékosan), hacsak persze a tűk miatt nem. :)

És egy kis bizalmas háttérinformáció: mostanra már a helyén lóg, tegnap fotót is kaptam róla, csak annyira varrtam, hogy blogolni se volt időm, és így elmaradtam ezzel a bejegyzéssel. De nemsokára jön a kész mű is!