February 18, 2011

Continuing the Colors of the Rainbow: Violet and Blue!

I’m constantly advancing in creating rainbow colored Treasuries on Etsy. We may find so beautiful items on Etsy, that it’s not hard at all to make the lists, quite the opposite actually, I had a really good time. Look at the Purple one, I just got to smile whenever I’m looking at it. That is why I will show them again and again as so far no one complained about them. :)
(I can only think of Sheldon’s laugh when I type this.)

And there is another favorite scene (if someone is not familiar with the show, Raj is unable to speek with women):

Well you may have guessed by all of the above that we are re-watching The Big Bang Theory, one episode a day. 23 minutes of laughter, it is a serious life-threat to watch it while eating or drinking.

Status report: Wolowitz just got the Mars rover stuck in a ditch on Mars.

Wow, I almost forgot blue!

And finally a bonus track just for you. Raj a little bit tipsy at this time.

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