November 4, 2008


While I am constructing this blog, I started taking photos of my finished works. I am preparing for Etsy, I hope soon I will be opening my little shop there. We have a very old table that was made by my husband’s grandfather. It is a strong, massive piece of furniture. I like very much that it is a bit worn, shabby and it has deep cracks. All of these tell us something about the past and how it was used regularly. A piece of a family’s history.

I think this is the perfect background for my quilts that made by traditional way and in every case finished by hand . After a lot of attempts, I discovered, that the most beautiful, and – even more importantly – the most color true photos can be taken at our terrace in strong sunlight, but with the shield of a beige loose fabric. This also gives me opportunity to take photos of other stuff as well: my blooming oleander, our strawberry plantation (the green spears among the strawberries are garlic, that were planted there to protect the strawberries, though garlic seemed to misunderstand this nice and sunny October), or my son as he is playing with the water drops while watering (the originally linked picture failed in the family censure process, so I had to replace it).

I am trying to take photos of my quilt from every angle. I know how people like to touch and feel these soft fabrics, but in an Internet shop you only get to see them. In the blog’s header is a part of one of these photos, about one of my wallets, because I like the little button that you use to close it.

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