November 19, 2008

Tex-Mex Hat

This short post was written because Matyofej previously asked in a comment about the Tex-Mex hat. So, this is the “famous” hat, that my husband is wearing keenly since we came home – from Autumn to Spring. 

As far as I know (as a Hungarian woman), it is called Tex-Mex because it isn’t really a Texas-hat (like the “Stetson”), its form was rather influenced by being close to Mexico. I would appreciate it if somebody would check my knowledge about the matter. Please, make a comment.
This “Don’t mess with Texasplate is from my husband who lived in San Antonio for a while.


minyike said...

Oh, what a pretty hat! But to tell the truth, I thought that we will see a photo about your husband with the hat on his head.

Maria, Patchwork Mill said...


F.Gina said...

Nézd meg a Blogbajokat,,
ott ilyen bajokat tárgyalunk, mint pl a linkelés. Hátha neked is tudunk segíteni. Örülök, hogy Csarab-bal játszol !