February 18, 2009

Where Is Our Spring?

In the last couple of weeks my desire for spring grew on, I was happy for every sunshine, every snowdrop growing out of the ground. And what happens? Yeah, the answers are on the pictures: in the last few days it snowed as much as it did whole winter. Sadly I couldn’t take a picture of the snowdrops in time and now they are fully covered in snow.

Both of these pictures were made by my husband. This small forest-side street is ours, and is now looking really fabulous.

While waiting for spring I have sewed as well of course. Among a few smaller things, I have started this tablecloth. You can’t see much of it now, but I’ll keep taking pictures as I am going on. As you see I definitely need a larger table to work on it.

Don’t bother searching for my new work on the sidebar, where I collected my plans, since it was just a sudden idea. As I have said before I know that I am a hopeless case.
Late nights (the Progress Chart on the sidebar is working on very well) I am sewing supplementary blocks for my “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” Quilt.
After all I’ll have snowdrops here in my post, but this is not my picture. I have discovered it in Wikipedia. It is taken in March 2005 in a garden under the Beskydy mountains in Czechia by Caroig (David Paloch).


minyike said...

Can you use your street by car?
We had snowdrops in our garden, I think, now they rest under the snow...

Maria, Patchwork Mill said...

Yes, we can with snowtire. Of course it is a good opportunity to practice sliding down.

Kata said...

Gyönyörű tájlépek!!!!!!
És persze ne feledkezzünk meg a készülődő anyagról sem! A kedvencem ez az összeállítás! :))))))