February 2, 2009

My UFO Factory

I am frequently reading quite a few creative and quilt related blogs and I can already see that 2009 will be the year of final settling a score with the UFOs (Unfinished Objects), all around the World.
I have seen a nice initiation at Abyquilt, which could help anyone who participates in: „Participants will try (we know life interferes sometimes!) to complete at least ONE craft project by the end of each month. This can be something you've had partly done for a while (a WISP!) or a pattern or a kit you bought ages ago that you finally get around to making.”

You may join anytime, which is good, since it holds me back that my UFOs are all huge, usually big wall hangings or unfinished king size quilts. I am unsure whether I could show a finished piece in every month. But I will start a lighted version for myself. Jannimary has her plans listed on her sidebar, her started works and the finished ones separated (she participates in the “One Project a month Challange” as well). While Karen shows what she is making in her actual project. I like both methods, so I mixed them in my blog and the result can be seen on the sidebar.
However for now (in defiance of the world’s currents) I’ll just continue to create UFOs. While we were sick, I couldn’t do else but sit in the couch and embroider. It was somehow important for me to do definitely small pictures, hence I sewed parts from one of my previous work.

Last year I got a whole roll of home made linen from my grandmother (her mother and grandmother wove it at home by their hands!), which is a big treasure. It’s rough weaving, natural-colored (self-colored) and I thought that a similarly beige, tan embroidery would look good on it.

Back in 2007 I designed 12 redwork pictures based on William Morris’ art, and embroidered those. I designed them to be a Duble Irish Wall Hanging Quilt. Since this has been an UFO, it waits the red blocks, but just to be sure I sewed them with blue ones too, and these await the Hungarian blue-dying blocks. I know I am hopeless case.

I “cut out” from these designs six parts now. By the time we got better, I finished with all of them, but since I only made them for the embroidery, now I really stop short before continuing. For now I only know that I want to make a wall hanging from them, but similarly to the thread with natural and beige (maybe some tan) fabric blocks.

However I don’t have these kinds of fabrics at home, so I have to try and buy some, or do something new: paint for myself. Up until that, my considerable UFO collection has grown with new ones.

Though I may look at it as these are started wall hangings, and for those the fabric casting is ongoing. It’s all about the point of view, isn’t it?



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He is in several languages.

Beautiful creations, congratulations!

All my fondness from Santiago of Chile


jannimary said...

I love the fact that your beautiful antique linen was woven by your family members. What a treasure. The cream embroidery looks very elegant on it.

I'm flattered that you have used my blog as inspiration for your new progress section in your sidebar. I hope it works very well for you.

Karen said...

Your embroidery is just beautiful.

Nettie said...

this work is beautiful Maria, I love your blog! Nettie

Blanket America said...

Since you don't have the fabric...can't you mix and match?Sometimes odd contrasts do look very nice.