March 6, 2009

Show and Tell Friday 4. - Zsóka’s Baby Quilt

This was the first “baby” quilt (larger than the usual ones) that I made from really tiny little pieces back in Naples. The picture was taken there in our terrace as well. That happened quite a few years ago, Zsóka has grown up a beautiful kindergarten girl, you can see her to twirl and whirl in the “Skirts of Little Fairies” post, next to her smaller sister.

When I started making that quilt, my sister was still pregnant, but it could be known, that she will be having a baby girl, that was why I choose these cheerful colors. I finished with it just in time. To tell you the truth, my old machine couldn’t handle the quilting work, so I had to do the quilting with my hands. I was sewing it inside the car on the long way home. It was the first time when I wasn’t annoyed by the famous time assuming traffic jam near

We were actually heading for Poland, to Krakow, but we stopped on the road to visit my sister and her family. We spent a peaceful warm september afternoon with them in their garden, under a huge cherry tree. We gave them the baby quilt for the unborn baby, and we left in the evening to Budapest, then Krakow.

By the way Krakow is a wonderful city with full of beautiful details and good restaurants. We had long walks, visited lots of places and had a great time there.

While we were in Krakow Zsóka was born in Hungary, who was a very cute baby back then, and since as you could have seen she grew up to be a beautiful, smart and cutie girl.


Spruce Creek Farm said...

Pretty quilt and beautiful little girl!
You did a nice job on the quilt.
Thanks for sharing!

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, sweet girl!!!!

And I love your share of the quilt too.

Mine is posted....Birthday boys, teenage, elves and such....oh my!!!

Come on over and say howdy! You know, I do love your company! Happy Friday.

Smilingsal said...

She is a pretty girl, and your quilt is something she will cherish. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.

A Hint of Home said...

That's a labor of love. Very cute quilt. She's just adorable.

Jadehollow said...

The quilt is very beautiful! A great treasure for Zsoka to have especially having been made by the loving and talented hands of her Aunt.
Thanks for sharing.

ceekay said...

Lovely quilt. Lots of hours of love put into it!

Honeycombmama said...

Beautiful quilt and darling little ones! Have a great weekend
Gina Jo

Susie Homemaker said...

You are very talented...I often do handwork on road trips...That way I am distracted from the poor drivers and don't get so nervous...

Precious little ones!


Linda C said...

Such a pretty quilt! And the little ones are so sweet:)

Linda C

Elaine said...

That's a beautiful little quilt you made....and for a beautiful little baby too....whose obviously grown into a darling little girl. Thanks for sharing!
Elaine :)

Kelli said...

Such a sweet girl and the quilt is beautiful!

SG said...

It's a lovely quilt and she is a sweet girl!

Kata said...

Kedves Mária!

Lenne egy kérdésem, ha tudnál nekem valami tanácsot adni,azt megköszönném.
Férjem szeretne egy varrógéppel meglepni, de sajnos nem nagyon értek hozzájuk, mert már nagyon szeretném megtanulni a foltvarrást :)))))))))
Tudnál nekem abban segíteni hogy melyik márka vagy típus a jó?
Azt szeretném ha jó minőségű lenne, de nem túlságosan drága.
Előre is köszönöm válaszod!!!


Blanket America said...

The red and blue patchwork quilt looks very lovely.And so does your blogs colorful and creative.