December 12, 2008

Coaster Shower In Blue

I don’t know about you guys, but it happens to me a lot that right after I start into a realization of an idea, I can hardly disengage from it. While I am working I start to wonder, even though for example this tissue holder looks nice, but what would it be with some different colors? And I start again that with new fabrics. Or as I’ve written in my Etsy shop before I usually think in “families” (in whole product lines), so everyone finds matching things. But it’s always true and it also makes me wonder every time I finish a pouch or a wallet (and they are successfully done), how for example an eyeglass case would look if I make it from those same fabrics.
So this happened again with the coasters. While I was working on the Cartography Coasters order (remember, the Little Mariner’s Compass) it came to my head how good they could be for sailors in blue.

So I made them and what is more one set will be sent tomorrow to
Canada for my good friend.

While I was embroidering the blue ones (I had plenty of time to think) I thought that the Cartography Coasters have really good land colors and garden colors. My father has a small vineyard where he makes delicious red wine. I thought that a
Green Garden set of coasters would be great gift for him, as I would change the Mariner’s Compass embroidery with a bunch of grapes. As this idea didn’t leave me alone, I started to make these new coasters, with Cozy Brown and Green Garden colors, and for them I embroidered the grapes.

I still have to make the batting and backing and sew the bindings, and they will be ready. But then I really finish with the coasters, since I am already thinking of new kinds of pouches, and can’t wait to start making them.


Kata said...

Nekem nagyon tetszenek a pohár alátétek, különösen a zöld szőlő hímzéssel!!!Gyönyörűséges ajándék lesz!Biztos nagy sikere is lesz! :D

Maria, Patchwork Mill said...

Köszönöm, remélem!

snowflake said...

Oh my, I love the blue coaster set Maria, they look so crisp and lovely! Your work is very imaginative and creative and it seems like you never run out of more wonderful ideas. Gorgeous stuff!

Karen said...

Love the blue coasters!