December 7, 2008

Charms for Charity Contest

I found this on the Quilting Bloggers site: Charms for Charity Contest. I think it’s a good thing, because this is an opportunity for both charity and to play a little. Here are some parts of invitation:
“A friend and I, along with her mom and several other friends, will be getting together in the new year on a regular basis to make quilts for Victoria’s Quilts Canada. We need fabric.Send me six 5-inch charms of 100% cotton fabric. Three of the charms will go directly to making quilts for charity and the other three will go into a pile for a contest. Once I have 36 charms in the contest pile, I’ll do a random draw and one lucky sender will win the entire pile of 36.”
The detailed post and the address you need to send the charms are found by clicking “Charms for Charity Contest” icon on the right sidebar on my blog.
To participate in I chose three kind of fabrics with tiny flowers and I hope they’ll be easy to fit into any kind of quilt.

The deadline is 31 of December, 2008, so it is still not late to get into!


Mishka said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for posting about the contest. I love the charms you are sending. I look forward to getting them in the mail.

All the best,

Maria, Patchwork Mill said...

Dear Michele,
Happily participating in this charity contest because I think it is a very good idea.
The charms will be sent out on Wednesday this week with priority mail.