June 20, 2012

My English Rose Fabric Box

 My fabric box was selected to be featured on this Great Finds Page. It was a big surprise for me and I am so excited!

Please if you have a minute, vote for Patchwork Mill on the right side! (You don't have to registrate or anything else just click and click. :)) Thank you for everyone in advance!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria

It is so beautiful and i have voted for you :o)

Hugs Lilian

Patchwork Mill, Maria said...

You are an Angel, Lilian! Thank you so much! :)

Artemis said...

Ha van kedved játszani egy blogdij keretein belül, gyere az oldalamra és nézd meg, miről van szó!

LilacsNDreams said...


Very nice box! Thanks for sharing this with us:)