January 18, 2009

In Recovery

My whole family got beaten down in the same time by some kind of a virus (according to our doctor), high fever, stomach ache and other similar “bonuses”. We were just laying around our living room, could barely move at all. Now we’re coming out of it though, getting better.

Of course we stricted ourselves to complete diet, and all we did was just sit in front of the television and watch movies. Finally we had time to watch a lot of movies together. It would have been better if we were healthy though, but since we saw good movies, it was totally bearable.

Die Hard and Die Hard 2 (I have two men in the family, though I like these movies too) and some other comedies before and after, like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Music and Lyrics (Hugh Grant already showed his amazing dance moves (dazzling hip actions) in Love Actually, but I think he managed to top that in this one )

And it was nice to hear them sing as well:

Before we saw some episodes of the fantastic British comedy series “You Rang, M’Lord?” however we finally started watching them in order on DVD, one after another. It is a funny and interesting series, we like it a lot. 

We saw quite a lot funny and exciting movie together, and when the guys went to sleep I stayed up and watched a french movie called Palais Royal. It has a special atmosphere, I liked it a lot. I’ve known since the movie “Amélie” that we should be watching more french movies, because they are all very good – like the old ones from the past.

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